SwitchFlop straps by Lindsay Phillips - NEW LOW LOW PRICES!!

Enjoy wearing our collection of SwitchFlop straps by Lindsay Phillips whether it is on the beach or at a swanky dinner! All straps can be worn with all the beautiful designs of SwitchFlop flipflops including the kitten heels, wedges or their new upscale Marie flat flop. But don't confuse this with Sierra's flip flops from Sierras Footwear - SwitchFlops are the originals by Lindsey Phillips (they are the patent holders who first developed this idea and are miles ahead in development) and SwitchFlops are far better in our opinion in terms of style, quality and price. Once you have seen and worn a SwitchFlop in the flesh, you won't want any of the other interchangeable flip flops! They are the Heinz Baked Beans of custom changeable flip flips if you know what we mean Britons.

P.S. We are in the UK