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Shoes, Interchangeables and shoellery in a nutshell

Buzza Outlet incorporating Swap Top Shoes specialises in the magic of fashion accessories that transform your wardrobe. The original website launched in October 2009 and is run from the UK, selling shoes and interchangeable shoes where you can change the uppers on one sole - also known as interchangeables. This means you get more looks that match with all your outfits, without the storage and expense issues of having dozens of pairs of shoes.

We have a great range of Men's and Children's shoes too along with the very best brands in sports, training, hiking and walking.When it comes to interchangeables there is a great eco-friendly story in not using up more of the world's resources by reusing your one sole with many uppers or using shoellery with existing shoes to be up-to-date with the latest trends, without even having to purchase a new pair of shoes. And let's face it ladies, how often does a new pair of shoes hurt like hell ending up in the worn once pile? That's why we have shoellery as some people's feet just don't like most shoes. Interchangeable shoe designs tend to be open designs so there's less blister inducing rubbing. We think we've got it sorted and we have so many more great ideas in the pipeline we think you will love!


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Legal spiel

Buzza Outlet and Swap Top Shoes (also referred to as ‘’ on this Website and in our literature) is a trading name of Buzza Ltd. Buzza Ltd is registered in England under no. 7689522. The registered office is Beighton Business Centre, 52A High Street, Beighton, Sheffield, S20 1ED